I am a proud Veteran.

Duty, sacrifice, service, these are some of the many traits men and women from all backgrounds embody as they proudly protect and defend our nation. Their honor, courage, and commitment are the tenants that Veteran’s Day celebrates. Those are the things we all should be saluting.

Veterans are as diverse as the fibers that make up our American population: people of all colors, cultures, religions, beliefs, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identification, political beliefs and the various definitions of what “family” truly is.

I am a proud fan.

The diversity of Americans is reflected in the diversity of fandom. However, this diversity is not always reflected in the comics, movies, television, games, books, or fan events that we love. FANS aren’t being represented. So some amazing people and I decided to create Universal FanCon.

It is the culmination of my experiences, the understanding of how powerful we can be when we salute one another; when we celebrate each other and find the things that bind us rather than divide us.

FanCon celebrates our Veterans.

The Universal FanCon family is made up of those who have served and those who have family members who served.  Together, we salute, celebrate, value, commemorate, the similarities in commitment and courage. We celebrate our heroes.

FanCon began as dream to bring fans of every background together to celebrate our diverse fandoms. As we make this vision a reality, I know that those traditions that helped shape me in me in my youth and have kept this country the land of the free for generations, guide me toward ensuring that FanCon truly is representative of all of America.

I continue to serve and I will always remain faithful to those core values. FanCon welcomes and respects all. Fandom is Universal.

On this Veteran’s Day 2017, we all honor our heroes. We celebrate those who allow us the ability to create, to innovate, and to enjoy our freedoms and our fandoms.

I’m happy to announce that from Friday, November 10-Sunday, November 12, we salute all of our heroes collectively with 50% off all tickets to Universal FanCon, April 27-29, 2018.

Go to: tickets.universalfancon.com

Please use Promo Code: FanConVet2017 at checkout.

Thank You for your service and Happy Birthday Marines.

Semper Fidelis

Robert Butler
Universal FanCon co-Founder/CEO



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