It is no secret that 2016 was a tumultuous year, while 2017 continues to be a year of surprises ...

Universal FanCon is part of the counter narrative to a world story of ignorance and hate. It’s part of a story of inclusion, love, and joy. This event will place before the world an example of unity, diversity, positivity, and hope.

It is no secret that 2016 was a tumultuous year, while 2017 continues to be a year of surprises, both positive and negative. We have entered a time where many in the United States, and around the world, have had to wonder if love could ever truly “trump” hate. Times have been hard.

Yet, what we have also seen is an emergence of artists, and communities based in creativity, pulling together and marching on, realizing that now—more than ever—messages of diversity, inclusion, and representation need to be pushed to the forefront, and not swept to the side in the face of the continued normalizing of hate and violence. This is why the founding of the first large scale fandom convention with a mission of inclusion and diversity is so important now more than ever. For any geek, or lover of entertainment, who cherishes the power of how stories that reflect the world can truly bring about change, Universal FanCon is just right for them.

The convention is set to take place in Baltimore, MD, (a city that has had its own struggle with turmoil given the tragic Freddie Gray case), from April 27 to April 29 of 2018 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The focus of FanCon will be on gaming, anime, TV shows, movies, music and much much more.

It’s the first of its kind. It’s a large scale multi-fandom convention dedicated to inclusion that is long overdue. FanCon will be a 24-hour convention, meaning that all day and night there will be panels, events, and parties happening. That’s right, there is no sleep for the brave, curious, and nerdy.

The FanCon team is currently spending hours developing and planning innovative ideas to implement at the upcoming conference. Not only this, but there is a priority being given to incorporate more tools for geeks and fans with disabilities. FanCon wants attendees from every walk of life to leave feeling represented.

Supporters and future attendees can get in on the action starting NOW. The FanCon journey is just beginning. Superheroes don’t just wear capes, (although you’re totally allowed to if you want), but can come in the form of volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and more.

Join the journey. Be part of this. It is going to be EPIC!

– Chauncey K. Robinson
Director of Communications for Universal FanCon



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